Professora une arte contemporânea e iPads na sala de aula e é reconhecida pela Apple

Teacher unites contemporary art and iPads and is recognized by Apple

A teacher in northeast Brazil, while another in Campinas; although a great distance apart, they share a common experience: using Mosyle to improve lessons and engage students. With the success of their educational projects, Ana Helena Grimaldi and Antonio Ferro won recognition as Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) and attended the event which took place in July this year in Miami, FL. To complete their applications, the teachers produced a three-minute video exposing their daily use of Mosyle with Apple technology, specifically the iPad.

Professora Ana Helena Grimaldi, da Escola Comunitária de Campinas
Ana Helena teaches art at Escola Comunitária de Campinas (Personal Archive)

The Apple Distinguished Educators program recognizes teachers worldwide who use Apple technologies in innovative ways in the classroom. The ADEs participate in a global community to share experiences, stimulate new ideas and help improve teaching and learning in the 21st century.

Today, we will explore the story of Ana Helena and her uses of Apple technology in the classroom. Stay tuned to the blog this week to learn about the ways that Antonio Ferro uses Mosyle and the Apple technology to increase student engagement!

Art at your fingertips

Ana Helena teaches Contemporary Art classes at the Escola Comunitária de Campinas, integrating the iPad into her 9th grade classroom to increase the engagement of students in artistic activities. Some of the activities designed by Ana Helena to increase student engagement include the production of artistic installation models, interaction with contemporary works by Lygia Clark through a book-concept application, and an activity where students participated as curators at the school art gallery. 

According to her, the iPad provides the opportunity for activities to be completed in groups through audiovisual recordings, which later contributes to student portfolios. In addition, mobile technology allows the teacher to quickly send resource materials for activities.

Alunos criaram portfólio de arte com ajuda do iPad
Students create artistic portfolio with the help of iPads (Personal Archive)

“Using Mosyle, I am able to send videos, text, resources and previous student data for students to review before class. Additionally, I am able to send the images of artwork and include a poll or forum with questions that promote reflection for students to answer in groups. In doing so, students are able to see the images and reflect on the work, enabling them to rethink Art,” explains Ana Helena.

Support and recognition: here and there

She explains that meeting with other teachers in conjunction with Mosyle’s pedagogical support helped her feel more secure about using iPads in the classroom. “The Mosyle team came to our school and provided an interactive and engaging training to show us how to use the iPad to its potential. We have always been very well supported by the Mosyle team.”

In creating educational projects that connected students to contemporary art not only through ink, but also through the iPad, Ana Helena was encouraged to send the video to the Apple program and was recognized as a Distinguished Educator at the event in Miami . “I felt very honored to be there. It was inspiring to exchange experiences with people from other countries, and be among other innovative teachers,” says Ana Helena.