Teacher inspires through a good mood, passion and curiosity

The good mood of Gilmar Santos, 52 year old teacher, blocks all negative impressions and expectations in the most feared subject: Mathematics. “The students go home thinking that it is difficult. Having a good mood makes it easier,” says the teacher who has 32 years of classroom experience. “I’ve already retired, but I’m still very young, I do not intend to stop,” he jokes.

As the coordinator of High School Mathematics at Escola Virgem de Lourdes (EVL), of Campina Grande (PB), Gilmar advises that the key to inspiring other teachers is the same: have a good mood and encourage their curiosity with the use of technology in the classroom. “I am not an expert, but I’m curious and not afraid. The more you work and search, the more you learn,” he explains.

Gilmar explains the integration of mobile technology caused rapid changes, which greatly facilitated the school routine. According to him, reducing the amount of paper used in the distribution of activities and exercises was one of the many benefits. In addition, he states that technology can and should facilitate student work and prompt the exchange of information and knowledge, while providing a more complete and accurate analysis of each student.

Professor aposta na curiosidade e no bom humor para quebrar expectativas nas aulas de Matemática

“What you must understand is that education today, needs to acquire a format in which the communication is no longer one-sided, but a two-way conversation. The student must engage not only with the teacher, but also with their classmates,” he reflects.

Gilmar argues that it is necessary for the teacher to know how to reconcile educational trends with new technologies, primarily for the development of the skills and abilities required of students today. “We need to show students what they actually need to know these days.”

The passion for teaching is something that Gilmar Santos does not intend to lose. “Teaching is my life. All that I know and understand is as a teacher.” When asked about a special message to honor Teacher Appreciation Day, Gilmar readily responds: “respect the teachers”. “We need to respect and value the teachers. As a mediator of learning, the teacher actively participates in the learning process, encourages the search for new knowledge, stimulates critical thinking, promotes a thorough understanding of the subject area in which they are teaching, in addition to being able to produce new knowledge, all through the reality of the new technology that is available,” he says.

“Phew!” he jokes. “How many tasks and characteristics does one teacher need? And that’s not all, there are numerous others: patience, creativity, humility, charisma, master your audience, etc.”