Diretor de escola: como justificar o investimento em novas tecnologias?

Note to the Principal: how to justify investing in new technologies?

It is a consensus that new technologies influence the formation and interaction in today’s society, impacting the way our youth acquire knowledge. However, there are many variables to consider when discussing the importance of the using tablets in schools with the school community. As a result, many principals and school directors suffer from teachers and parents resisting the adoption of mobile devices in their institutions. Here, we will list some important points that will help you justify the investment of tablets, as educational tools, to integrate into the teaching and learning process.

Integrating the technology into Education

Generally speaking, articulating the connection between tablets and the teaching and learning process tends to be problematic for administrators. Mobile devices need to be at the service of education, and not as mere accessories or marketing points. It is important to elucidate that our youth do not develop essential skills solely through traditional books. The tablets help students build core competencies through multimedia communication, critical thinking about current media, and multi-platform creativity while being connected to the digital environment to actively learn and network.

Engaged students learn more

Our youth, otherwise known as “digital natives”, referred to as such because they have practically been born with technology in hand, are more engaged with interactive learning than traditional materials. This does not mean that tablets will replace books, rather mobile devices can compliment them, expanding the horizons of learning by allowing student to actively build and acquire knowledge.

School wide access to knowledge, at their fingertips

Using tablets, students and teachers have the world at their fingertips, anywhere at anytime. More so than ever, education is less about the physical location and more about the “space”. The tablet has become this immersive “space” to navigate, participate, connect and build knowledge interactively. Notably, this does not diminish the role of the teacher, rather transforms their role to one that is of utmost importance. Teachers need to diligently facilitate and ensure knowledge acquisition occurs critically through the dynamic use of the tablets. Remember, our ‘digital native’ students learn more when they are active in the learning process!

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