Equipe Mosyle realiza capacitação em escola de Orlando

Mosyle Team conducts training with teachers in Lake Wales, FL

Today, the Mosyle team was at Edward W. Bok Academy in Lake Wales, FL, to conduct a training with teachers eager to use the platform. Teachers of multiple subject areas and grade levels were present with iPads learning how to integrate the tools available in our mobile learning environment into their classrooms.

After navigating the Mosyle Pro and student app as well as the Web Panel, the school’s IT director, Christen Kauffman said she was very excited to use one single platform that incorporates the features of different educational apps. The science teacher, Joshua Fell, liked the intuitive design and that Mosyle is built specifically for mobile devices.

“Being a math teacher there aren’t many options for transforming the classroom and improving the learning experience for students. After learning about Mosyle, I am thrilled that I will finally have this opportunity”, said Alicia Linder, mathematics teacher.

The team of innovative teachers at Bok Academy is a great example of what Mosyle represents. Integrating the use of mobile education to improve learning for students and teaching practices for teachers are our main focus. “We are looking forward to partnering with Bok Academy to implement the platform,” said Stephanie Fitzwater, Product Development Executive at Mosyle.