Mobile technologies have changed our world in ways previously unimaginable.

Introducing Mosyle Connection: Enriching classrooms through mobile learning

Mobile technologies have changed our world in ways previously unimaginable. They have permeated our daily lives, providing unparalleled access to communication and information. In turn, these devices have transformed social relations at all levels on a worldwide scale. Education is no different; the same transformation is taking place in our classrooms. Mobility allows an anywhere and anytime way of learning that was not possible before.

This educational transformation through the use of mobile devices has left institutions of all sizes asking the same basic questions. What is the most effective way of disseminating information? How can we create a supportive and collaborative learning environment? What pedagogical methods and strategies will promote reflection and thorough comprehension of the content?

Introducing Mosyle Connection!

With these questions in mind, we are introducing Mosyle Connection! Mosyle Connection is a blog that will assist in providing answers to the questions above by sharing relevant content and innovative solutions in utilizing mobile technology to build an engaging learning environment for all students. We are also thrilled to begin recognizing educators who inspire change, rethink education, and transform mobile learning in their own classrooms on this blog.

Throughout this journey, we want to build a community with a common goal in mind: to transform classrooms using mobile technology! Using this blog we hope to attract others that have this goal and are willing to share their experiences to benefit the community. Feel free to comment, send messages and/or e-mails with experiences, suggestions, and questions about mobile learning!