Colégio Pueri Domus transformou laboratório

Innovate the traditional computer lab and improve learning using iPads

Is the computer lab in your school is becoming obsolete, but you do not know exactly what to do to improve it? Using 21st century ideas and educational strategies, we can help you innovate this space. A question you should ask yourself is: does your computer lab reflect the dynamic and interactive way in which children and young people learn today? If your answer is no, you will find the following tips valuable!

Active students in the construction of knowledge

The technology lab of the future will transform the traditional logic of the learning process, by removing the display of content from only one point in the classroom and introduce the concept of a 360º classroom: where students can learn from any and every angle of the room. A good tip is to paint all the walls with blackboard paint or attach whiteboard stickers to the walls, allowing students to take notes throughout the classroom. With this, there is no need for the teacher to remain in a fixed location. Combine this with an iPad in hand, you have a teacher enabled to walk among students to facilitate the construction of knowledge.

Escola Pueri Domus mudou laboratórios

Encourage collaborative work

Forget the perfectly lined rows of traditional tables and chairs in the lab. With the mobility that iPads offer, rows of tables and chairs just does not make sense. Why not encourage collaborative work among students by reorganizing the classroom? Students can sit at hexagonal tables that can be joined together in any way the teacher desires for different activities and assignments. Don’t have hexagonal tables? How about grouping desks in groups of two or four, making partner and collaborative work convenient for students. Arranging your classroom in groups will result in an increase in student participation, thus students will get their hands dirty, work together and build knowledge!

Pueri Domus, a school in São Paulo of the SEB Group, has innovated its computer lab with this in mind. The principal, Rose Bernardi, explained that the lab has a flexible structure that can be arranged in different ways by the teacher, offering the mobility necessary for the learning process. “The motivation behind this objective is that the lab will provide opportunities for collaborative work with the support of mobile technology, including tablets and applications,” Rose said.

Dynamic learning

If students learn better today in a dynamic environment, why invest in technologies that are fixed? Focus your investment on mobile technologies to ensure that students are more engaged in the classroom and provide teachers with so much more interactivity. After all, mobile technologies already have a great presence in their daily routines!

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