Incorporating new technologies

Incorporating new technologies into the classroom

Teachers are finally discovering the luxury of being able to rely on new technological resources. After working for more than eight years in teacher training related to ICT, I have noticed some major advances. Educational institutions are now investing in teacher training and providing teachers access to new technologies.

As a result, teachers are increasingly using them to facilitate planning and student learning. Teachers are quickly losing the fear of technology and looking for ways to better their teaching practices. They are realizing that the Internet and other technological tools are extremely useful in facilitating collaboration, inquiry and problem solving as well as a platform to publishing materials.

However, with this recognition, teachers still need to adapt to the use of these new technologies in order to completely transform their classrooms. The first step is to use good ol’ lesson planning. Incorporating technology into the classroom just for the sake of integration does not make sense; we need to incorporate technologies that will support the content being taught.

Start by looking at lesson plans already created and consider the role of the student, their interests as well as their expertise in technology. Then identify how you can incorporate technology into the lesson. Collaborative activities, flipped classrooms, audiovisual resources and websites are great tools and add tremendous value in the eyes of students. By connecting lessons and technology to student interests you will entice young minds and encourage an active learning environment.

Keep in mind that as we continue planning to incorporate technology, we cannot fall into the traditional method and mindset of teaching. You need to plan and teach with consideration of 21st century students. It is important that we stay up to date with current technological trends, continue to innovate, and most importantly do what is best for the education of our students.

Michele Rodrigues
*Michele Rodrigues is a Technology and Distance Education Specialist and Math Educator. Currently she is the Product Development Manager at Mosyle.