Porque a tecnologia pode ajudar os nativos digitais a aprenderem melhor

How using technology can help digital natives learn best

Mobile learning used as a motivational tool for students can provide a more active approach to education, allowing for personalization of the learning experience while equipping students for the digital future.

Children and teenagers of Generation Z are so-called “digital natives”. This generation was born completely immersed in technology and is constantly surrounded by social networks, smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Due to the increasingly connected and competitive world in which we live combined with the immersion in technology, Generation Z looks at learning and other daily tasks in a completely different way. Rather than being bound by spatial and geographical borders, these students view tasks as an ongoing and limitless process.

How can this technology and no boundary concept help this generation learn? The idea is to bring everyday, familiar tools into the school and learning environment.

One way of doing this is to utilize educational applications. Today, there are a variety of applications targeted specifically for educational purposes. Start by collaborating with other teachers to make a list of fun, useful and purposeful apps. An example would be to find and select game applications to help students learn and recognize letters and sight words to help build a foundation for reading and literacy.

Out and About | Android

Sight Word Ninja | iOS

Another way is to use applications to assess prior knowledge, introduce new knowledge and then apply practical activities. While completing these activities, students are able to use the Internet to conduct relevant research – but first remember to teach students how to search and sort through information.

Through these application, activities, and research, students are submersed into the knowledge building process and encouraged to collaborate, in turn increasing social skills. The best part? This is just the beginning of the support that technology provides to help this connected and competitive generation learn!

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