Dia dos Professores - Mário Abbondati

From classroom to EdTech support: teacher helps integrate mobile technology into Math classes

In the 90s, when Mario Abbondati left the classroom the leading technology was chalk. Abbondati, now 62 years old, continues his work at the Bandeirantes School in São Paulo in a field in which he is passionate. The difference is now he is surrounded by tablets and computers and focuses on supporting mathematics teachers to integrate technology in the teaching and learning process.

Professor Mário Abbondati trabalha como apoio de tecnologia educacional para professores de Matemática

“I did Engineering, but always wanted to be a teacher.” Abbondati explains that he started teaching math to his friends when he was a teenager and since then, he hasn’t stopped teaching. He fondly recalls a math teacher who was inspiring and encouraged him to follow this path.

In his journey from the classroom to educational technology support, Abbondati reflects that “technology should not be used to simply replicate what can be done with chalk and a blackboard. Rather, the focus should be on tasks and dynamic teaching that cannot be completed through traditional means.” Everyday, the teacher seeks multimedia materials, videos, animations, complex problems and applications, and distributes them through the Mosyle platform, making the teaching of Mathematics even more engaging!

Abbondati believes that teachers become more active when searching for materials that can diversity the teaching and learning process. He notes that this selection takes time, which, unfortunately, not all teachers have. “The teacher needs time to sift through materials. Here [in the Bandeirantes School], there is the advantage of us, who were also teachers, giving support to those who are in the classroom,” he says.

He recognizes the barriers that teachers face when using technology in the classroom are becoming less predominant and the first step in utilizing technology is to become familiar. “Nowadays, most people use technology in their everyday lives. With its widespread acceptance and use, it is time to seek and employ resources and technology that can assist in education and make a difference,” he explains. 

“The teacher must always remember the influence they have as an educator, commitment to the integral formation of the student, and relationship as a mediator of the teaching and learning process,” says Abbondati.

Professor Mário Abbondati trabalha como apoio de tecnologia educacional para professores de Matemática